Anderson-Milam Award

The Anderson-Milam Award was established in 1976 to commemorate the services of Douglas Anderson, former Registrar of West Virginia State College and Otis Milam, former Registrar of Fairmont State College.  The award is a distinguished service award and is presented to an individual who has made significant contributions to WVACRAO.  The person should have been in WVACRAO a minimum of five years. Past honorees include:

2017 Travis Hinkle West Liberty University
2016 Rhonda Tysk West Liberty University
2015 Dan Crockett WV HEPC
2014 Kent Gamble Concord University
2013 Kimberly Klaus Wheeling Jesuit University
2012 Carolyn Cox Concord University
2012 Stephanie North West Liberty University
2011 John Cardwell Bluefield State College
2010 Brenda King West Liberty University
2009 Cecelia Malhotra WVU Parkersburg
2008 Donna Varney WVSOM
2007 Roberta Ferguson Marshall University
2005 John Fuller, Sr West Virginia State University
2003 Patricia Gebhart Marshall University
2001 James Huffman Concord College
2000 E. Ralph Patsel, Jr Bluefield State College
1999 John Conaway Fairmont State College
1998 Mack Samples Glenville State College
1997 Steve Taylor West Virginia University
1995 Robert Scholl WV Institute of Technology
1994 Regina Copeland WVU-Parkersburg
1992 Nelson Cain West Liberty State College
1990 James Harless Marshall University
1988 Jim Eanes ACT
1985 Irene Roby West Virginia University
  Hunter Jack Conrad Potomac State College
1984 John D. Brisbane West Virginia University
1983 Helen Criner Potomac State College
1980 Annie Castle WV Institute of Technology
1979 Dale Dickens Concord College
1978 Luther Bledsoe Marshall University

Rick Snow Award 

The Rick Snow Award was created in 1991 to honor distinguished young professionals in Admissions, Records, or Enrollment Management who have made a significant contribution to WVACRAO.  The award commemorates Richard Snow, the Registrar/Director of Admissions at Bluefield State College who befriended and mentored many new admissions and records professionals through the years.

A nominee should have been active in WVACRAO a minimum of three years, but no more than eight years.  A commitment to WVACRAO may have been demonstrated by regular attendance at annual conferences, program participation as presenters, recorders, or moderators, committee involvement, and other professional activities.  The award may be given to only one person per year, but is not necessarily awarded each year.

2017 Adrian Duelley Glenville State College
2016 Beth Wolfe Marshall University
2015 Billy Biggs Marshall University
2014 Bryan Spitzer Fairmont State University
2013 Leah Ripley West Virginia Wesleyan College
2012 Travis Hinkle West Liberty University
2011 Rhonda Tysk West Liberty University
2010 Ryan Boyd West Virginia University
2008 Angie Kinder Blue Ridge CTC
2005 Anthony Underwood Concord University
2003 Matt Shiflett Davis and Elkins College
2002 Rachelle Davis Shepherd College
2001 Kim Klaus Alderson-Broaddus College
2000 Amie Fazalare Fairmont State College
1998 Steve Smith WVU at Parkersburg
1995 Lisa Stinnett Concord College
1994 John Cardwell Bluefield State College
  Charles Endicott Fairmont State College


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